HMI Displays

Today we are pleased to provide more information on FCR Motion Technology’s range of HMI Displays from Lenze and Beghof.

Our range of HMI Displays can be used for

  • Visual display data
  • Track production time, trends and tags
  • Oversee KPI’s
  • Monitoring of machine inputs and outputs
  • Plus many more applications

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FCR supplies our HMI Displays to the following industries

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Our range of HMI displays feature the following:

  • Exceptionally high-quality German design, from Lenze and Berghof
  • Bright and brilliant displays
  • HTML 5 Web and Target Visualization
  • High input accuracy
  • Touchscreen in analog-resistive or projective-capacitive technology
  • Operation with gloves even in dirty and wet conditions
  • Horizontal and vertical application
  • Support of various mounting options
  • Communication Interfaces support Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANbus, RS232/485
  • Support Protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Profinet and more

Some Models also include:

  • 4 x digital inputs
  • 4 x digital outputs
  • 4 x analogue inputs
  • And can be further expanded with our range of distributed I/O

FCR can offer supply and complete service including:

- Remote access

- Training

- Maintenance

- Commissioning

- Extended Warranty

- Repairs

- Applications


Would you like to discuss how we can help you?

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We at FCR are looking forward to:

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