Today we are delighted to tell you more about Emotron TSA Soft Starters supplied and serviced by FCR Motion Technology.


Emotron TSA Soft Starters are designed to:

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Emotron TSA Soft Starters are ideal for these industries:

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Product Information:

  • Easy to install and easy to use Installation is quick and cost-efficient, since no additional equipment is required.
  • A number of options let you customize the softstarter functionality.
  • Multi-lingual control panel with single-function keys and copy function Designed for global application the Emotron TSA softstarters carry a multi-lingual display unit as standard.
  • The control panel has a menu system with unique menu numbers and separate menu keys and start/stop keys

FCR can offer supply and complete service including:

- Remote access
- Training
- Maintenance
- Commissioning

- Extended Warranty
- Repairs
- Applications

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