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Since 1992, Bihl+Wiedemann has been at the forefront of development and manufacturing in the field of safety automation.


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To keep your manufacturing and industrial processes ahead of the curve, you need automation solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. By trusting Bihl+Wiedemann as your technology partner, you’re ensuring that your automation and safety needs are met with the highest standards of precision and innovation. 


As an innovator of ASi technology for almost 15 years, Bihl+Wiedemann has continually developed their range of I/O Devices & PLCs to help maximise productivity. By enabling fast, extensive diagnostics, Bihl+Weidemann ASi products are leading the way in automation safety.   

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Yes, all of our products have a 12- month warranty.

Our service department are technically-skilled, and we service and repair all products here in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a dedicated technical support team based in Melbourne and are contactable by phone or email. Onsite commissioning can be provided as well. For charge fees and scheduling, please contact your local sales representative. Contact us here


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