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Essential components for commercial heating and cooling systems

HVAC-R systems lie at the heart of modern infrastructure, keeping environments comfortable and energy-efficient. To meet the evolving demands of this critical sector, we offer an array of cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly products and automated solutions


Our variable speed drives and industrial motors are designed to maximise energy savings, reducing operational costs and minimising environmental impact. We can also customise solutions to meet unique application requirements, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your specific needs. By integrating smart solutions into your HVAC-R equipment, you’ll enjoy high reliability and efficiency.


Our solutions and products

  • Standalone variable speed drives (VSDs): Our IP66 wall mount and motor mount drives are the perfect solution for the refrigeration and HVAC industry.
    • They feature functionalities such as flying start, ramp stop, and fire mode for HVAC.
    • They feature PID functionality for your closed-loop applications with sensor feedback for refrigeration.
  • Industrial motors: our range of permanent magnet high-efficiency motors are designed to operate with our variable speed drives for precise motion control.
  • Remote monitoring and control: we can provide standard or customised solutions to suit your application.
  • Condition monitoring: with our IIoT-ready portable flow and temperature measurement instrument, you can control your system in real-time.

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Yes, FCR suppliesy VSDs in IP20, IP54, IP66. Our sales and backup service engineers can assist clients from selecting drives to commissioning to completion.

VSD runs the compressor at minimum speed when the temperature is low, providing reduced electricity consumption. Another benefit is reduced starting current, and significantly reduceding mechanical shock and noise when the compressor restarts.

Yes, we do stock Lenze i500, and Emotron frequency drives that can be rated for light- duty fan and pumping applications and with most of the major Ffieldbus communication options.

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