When our customers purchase from FCR, that is the start of the relationship, not the end. As one of the few providers active in the market, you can be assured that we will work alongside you for the entire development process of your machine.

From the control system all the way to the drive shaft, we take a holistic view of the individual motion and control functions and provide consistent end-to-end drive and automation solutions for you.

You can rely on our highly skilled sales and engineering staff to get it right every time. We explore your machine concepts and are capable of understanding even the finest of details. Working together, we ensure that your innovations are reliably taken all the way to market maturity.

Our solutions and products:

  • Controls – Our range of Automation products span across Motion Controllers, Distributed I/O, variable speed drives, Servo Systems, and more, truly providing an-end-to end drive and automation solution.
  • Engineering – Our Application Engineers can help take you from concept to solution development, commissioning, and customer support. We assist you in every phase of your journey.
  • FCR – More than ever you need FCR by your side, providing Fast service, Competitive pricing, and Reliable supply.
  • IIoT – concepts have become vital for Automation. This has been adopted by FCR and we are continually looking at how we can improve our solutions using latest technologies.
  • Training – Our trained staff can share their knowledge on any product supported. Our new Technology Centre provides the perfect environment for individual or team training.
  • End of line: Often difficult and expensive to integrate into your central control system. We have the gateway and products to simplify the process
Trio Motion Controllers
Teco Motors
LM Spiral Bevel Gearboxes
LM Precision Planetary Gearboxes
Motovario Self Power IE3 Synchronous
Lenze G500 Gearboxes
Bihl Wiedemann Safety PLC
Bihl Wiedemann Distributed I/O
Berghof Automation
Heidenhain Rotary Encoders
Heidenhain Linear Encoders
Heidenhain Angle Encoders
Emotron – M20
Lenze I/O system 1000
Lenze Controller 3200C
Lenze controller c300
Lenze controller p500
Lenze controller p300
Intorq Brake BFK 471
Intorq Brake BFK 470
Intorq Brake BFK 468
Intorq Brake BFK 458
Lenze Servo Motors
Motovario AC Motors
Motovario Worm Gear Reducers
Motovario S Shaft mounted Gear Reducer
Motovario HA Inline Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario H Inline Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario B Bevel Helical Gear Reducer
Emotron TSA softstarter
Emotron MSF softstarter
Lenze i950 Servo
Lenze i700 Servo
Lenze 8400 Highline/Topline
Lenze 9400 Highline
Emotron FDU 2.0
Lenze 8400 Motec
Lenze i500
Lenze i500 Protec IP66
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