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Robust conveying systems are indispensable for industries like printing, packaging, logistics, and food, where consistent and quality service is required. A reliable system supports the continuous demands of production lines while being adaptable to changing production needs.


We provide intelligent and flexible conveying solutions that integrate with IoT devices, allowing real-time data collection, predictive maintenance, and streamlined automation. So, you’ll have a smart conveyor capable of self-diagnosis and efficient energy consumption. Get in touch to find out how we can customise your conveying system and connect it with your existing operations.


Our solutions and products

  • Electric motors: our smart motors, coupled with our distributed I/O products, can provide a cost-effective decentralised solution to reduce your inventory requirements.
  • Servo drives: our product range includes standalone solutions, and servo drives with built-in integrated safety.
  • Intelligent drive solutions: for precision positioning, synchronising, indexing, and more.
  • Decentralised solutions: so you can reduce complexity, engineering development, maintenance, and installation downtime and increase flexibility.
  • End of line: often difficult and expensive to integrate into your central control system. We have the products to simplify the process.
  • Backstop devices: our gearboxes fitted with a backstop device are the ideal safety solution to ensure only one direction of rotation.
  • Condition monitoring: with our IIoT-ready portable vibration measurement instrument, you are in control of your motor’s maintenance requirements in real-time.

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FCR Lenze and Emotron VSDs can be sized for heavy- duty applications as per overload requirements. FCR can also help withon the sizing selection and supply of brake resistors, encoders, etc. and other accessories necessary for the control.

Yes, we have a range of clean- duty righ-t angle geared motors in IP69.

Yes, we can help with the sizing of the drive and calculate torque and speed to best suit your application.

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