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From sorting raw materials to packaging finished products, the food and beverage sector is extremely diverse and always evolving. Keeping up with industry regulations, changing consumer demands, and fast-moving production lines requires continuous process innovation. Our complete systems ensure consistent product quality, hygiene, and safety to protect the health of your customers and workers.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing machinery or create custom equipment, we have a comprehensive range of gearboxes, motors, variable speed drives, and automation products to suit your unique operational needs.


Our solutions and products

  • Washdown environment solutions: our clean-duty gearboxes, IP69 motors and variable speed drives are the perfect solutions for environments requiring high hygiene standards.
  • Safety: our product range includes standalone solutions and servo drives with built-in integrated safety.
  • Intelligent drive solutions: for precision positioning, synchronising, indexing and more.
  • End of line: we have a range of products to simplify the process of integrating into your central control system.
  • Decentralised solutions: for increased flexibility and simplicity, reducing engineering development and installation downtime.
  • Onsite technical support: we offer technical support onsite during the commissioning phase of the machine.
  • Onsite auditing: of existing plants to assist with spare parts selection.

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Yes, our Lenze I500 Protec is rated IP66 for a wash-down area.

 Yes, we can fit a fully sealed brake to a motor and have IP66 rating.

Yes, we have a range of clean duty right angle worm geared motors in IP69.

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