Emotron (CG Drives) VFD and Softstarters

For over 35 years, Emotron has led the way in creating cost-effective electric motor control solutions, combining intuitive handling with ultramodern technology.


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Emotron (manufactured by CG Drives) is a trusted name in the mining, pumping, and materials handling industries known for their superior range of inverters, soft starters and shaft power monitors. When you’re working with pumps, fans, or compressors, our Emotron VFDs will ensure your crushers and mixers are optimised for maximum performance, protecting your applications by reducing mechanical stress. 


As your exclusive Emotron provider in Australia, we have a full range of inverters covering powers up to 3000kW and TSA soft starters covering up to 1800kW. Our electronic shaft power monitors are built into the inverters and soft starters, but they’re also available separately. To learn more, contact our expert team today.

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