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High-performance industrial clutches and brakes

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line braking equipment for your machinery, our selection of Intorq clutches and brakes are crafted from premium materials for long-lasting performance. With a range of spring-applied brakes, clutch-brake combinations, and modular systems to choose from, we’ve got your project needs covered. Our products are engineered to meet the highest safety standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand even the harshest operating conditions. Whether you’re replacing old parts or building from scratch, our unique designs can be tailored to suit all major drive applications. When you’re ready to take your equipment to the next level, contact us to learn more about our customisable solutions.
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Yes, we have the series BFK 470 and the BFK 471 brakes, which are IP66.

Check that there is power at the coil. If yes, check and reset the air gap.

We recommend using a fast-acting 6-pin rectifier. This switches the brake on the DC side, which is 5 times faster.


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