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Material hoist and handling solutions

Whether in construction, manufacturing, warehousing, or mining, our products and custom-designed solutions excel in handling complex or heavy-duty lifting and transporting tasks. Our products range from high-torque drive systems that provide superior performance to advanced automation technologies for streamlining operations.


Whatever your lifting, rigging, or hoisting needs, we create end-to-end systems that can safely speed up your material handling processes in a highly-controlled manner. We understand the high stakes of elevating and hoisting applications, so our solutions are designed to be integrated smoothly with minimal disruption.


Our solutions and products

  • Hoists: we can tailor end-to-end solutions with our variable speed drives, geared motors, brakes, and encoders.
  • Elevators: our variable speed drives with direct torque can control abrupt load changes and overcome initial peak loads.
  • Staging: our complete range of geared motors and geared brake motors are the ideal solution for all your staging applications
  • Decentralised solution: our smart motors, coupled with our distributed I/O products, can provide a cost-effective decentralised solution and reduce your inventory requirements.
  • Automation and controls: our controllers and safety systems with distributed I/O can integrate with your current systems.

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Yes, we can provide a solution incorporating regenerative braking. Brake resistors can be used to dissipate the energy as heat, or we can offer solutions to return energy to the grid.

Check the brake disc and airgap and reset them if necessary.

Yes, we have a complete range of failsafe brakes from 4Nm to 2400Nm.

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