Where your material handling and hoisting applications require a quality and reliable product, FCR can provide the solution.

We represent renowned European brands and extensive stock holding in Australia and can provide a complete end to end solution for the supply of Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, Gearboxes, Motors, and brakes.

Our Assembly Centre has doubled in size enabling fast and efficient throughput while continuing to deliver our rigorous standard of product quality.

Our solutions and products:

  • Hoists – We can tailor your application with our variable speed drives, geared motors, brakes and encoders.
  • Elevators – Our variable speed drives with direct Torque can control abrupt load changes and overcome initial peak loads.
  • SMART Technology – our smart motors coupled with our distributed I/O products can provide a cost-effective decentralised solution and reduce your inventory requirements.
  • Automation and Controls – Our controllers and safety systems with distributed I/O can integrate with your current systems.
  • Staging – Our complete range of geared motors and geared brake motors are the ideal solution for all your staging applications
Trio Motion Controllers
Teco Motors
LM Spiral Bevel Gearboxes
Motovario Self Power IE3 Synchronous
Lenze G500 Gearboxes
Berghof Automation
Radio Energie Tachogenerators
Heidenhain Rotary Encoders
Lenze I/O system 1000
Lenze Controller 3200C
Lenze controller c300
Lenze controller p500
Lenze controller p300
Intorq Brake BFK 471
Intorq Brake BFK 470
Intorq Brake BFK 468
Intorq Brake BFK 458
Lenze Servo Motors
Motovario AC Motors
Lenze AC Motors
Motovario Worm Gear Reducers
Motovario S Shaft mounted Gear Reducer
Motovario HA Inline Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario H Inline Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario B Bevel Helical Gear Reducer
Emotron TSA softstarter
Emotron MSF softstarter
Lenze i950 Servo
Lenze 8400 Highline/Topline
Emotron FDU 2.0
Lenze i500
Lenze i500 Protec IP66
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