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Heavy-duty, high-accuracy encoders and tachogenerators

Our industrial encoders and tachos, manufactured by Heidenhain and Radio Energie, provide real-time and reliable feedback on your machine’s rotating shaft or motor for precision motion control. Their ability to convert mechanical motion into accurate position information will improve your equipment’s efficiency and prevent costly damage. Choose from our wide range of high-quality rotary encoders, linear encoders, and magnetic tachogenerators, each with various connectivity options available. So, you’ll find the perfect solution for your specific application.

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Yes, we have a Radio-Eenergie DC Tachogenerator or RE.0444 model.

Yes, our Heidenhain Encoders are available as absolute or incremental.

Yes, we offer Heidenhain Encoders, which can be installed on your motor. Alternatively, we can supply motors fitted with encoders.


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