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Gain full control of your motor applications with Emotron and Lenze variable speed drives (VSD), variable frequency drives (VFD), AC drives, and inverters. With direct torque and vector control, our VSDs are made for crushers, mills, and centrifuges. They’re also ideal for variable torque loads such as compressors and blowers.

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 IP20 series (from 7.5kW to 630kW) IP54 series (from 1.5kW to 200kW). We can also supply a locally custom-built cabinet VSD with 3-4 weeks lead. Low Voltage up to 3MW is considered an Engineered Solution with 12-20 weeks lead time.

We stock Lenze VSDs, IP66 from 0.25kW up to 22kW and IP55 from 30kW to 75kW. For Emotron VSDs, we stock from 1.5kW to 200kW in IP54. We can also customise/design cabinet VSD solutions as a package up to IP66 rating (depending on the kW power range).

All VSDs and Soft Starters are manufactured in CG Drives & Automation HQ office in Helsingborg, Sweden.

We stock Lenze VSDs from 0.25kW -110kW and Emotron VSDs from 1.5kW to 3MW standard to Engineered Solutions (Liquid Cooled and Active Front End).


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