We represent renowned European brands and extensive stock holding in Australia. Typical applications range from 0.25kW to 3MW.

We can provide a complete end to end solution for the supply of Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, Gearboxes, Motors and brakes.

We have the solutions to reduce energy consumption, mitigating high energy prices and help you meet increasingly stringent regulations.

Our technical support and stock holding assists you to meet difficult conditions where unplanned downtime is a constant risk.

Our solutions and products:

  • Conveyors – Our variable speed drives can be programmed to reverse the conveyor in the case of an overload or jamming and our new MHD (Mid-Heavy Duty) range of parallel and bevel gearboxes are the ideal solution for overland conveying applications
  • Sheer Pin – Our Electronic (sheer pin) shaft power monitor offers reliable insurance against process failure and its costly consequences. This technology is also in-built in our Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives
  • Safety: our product range includes standalone solutions and servo drives with built-in integrated safety
  • Decentralised solutions: you can reduce complexity, engineering development, maintenance, installation downtime and increase flexibility.
  • Standalone VSD: our IP66 drives are the perfect solution for those harsh, dusty environments you will be operating in.
  • Mills and Crushers – Our variable speed drives with direct Torque can control abrupt load changes and overcome initial peak loads.
  • Pumps – Energy is saved thanks to automatic pump rinsing and sleep functions in-built in our variable speed drives.
  • Condition monitoring: with our IIoT ready portable vibration measurement instrument you are in control of your motor’s maintenance requirements in real time.
Lenze i500 Protec IP66
Lenze i500
Emotron FDU 2.0
Intorq Brake BFK 458
Emotron TSA softstarter
Motovario H Inline Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario B Bevel Helical Gear Reducer
Motovario S Shaft mounted Gear Reducer
Bihl Wiedemann Safety PLC
Emotron – M20
Intorq Brake BFK 468
Intorq Brake BFK 470
Intorq Brake BFK 471
Intorq Brake BFK 457
Emotron MSF softstarter
Lenze G500 Gearboxes
Teco Motors
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