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The quarry and mining sector is known for its harsh and hazardous conditions. It’s a challenging environment that demands reliable and durable industrial machines to perform large-scale tasks, including extracting, material handling, crushing, grinding and milling. At FCR Motion Technology, we offer complete drive and automation solutions for quarry and mining machinery.


Our variable speed drives, soft starters, gearboxes, motors, and brakes provide the power needed to execute heavy-duty tasks. These advanced automated systems will help optimise energy use and process control to ensure efficiency and safety in your operations, preventing unexpected equipment failures and improving operational productivity.


Our solutions and products

  • Gearboxes: our mid-heavy-duty (MHD) range of parallel and bevel gearboxes are the ideal solution for overland conveying applications. 
  • Variable speed drives (VSDs): our standalone VSDs, including IP66 drives, are ideal for harsh, dusty environments.
    • VSDs for conveying: can be programmed to reverse conveyors in the case of an overload or jamming.
    • VSDs for mills and crushers: with direct torque, can control abrupt load changes and overcome initial peak loads.
    • VSDs for pumping: energy is saved thanks to automatic pump rinsing and in-built sleep functions. 
  • Shaft power monitor: our electronic, sheer pin shaft power monitor protects against potential process failure and downtime. This technology is also in-built into our VSDs and soft starters.
  • Servo drives: have built-in integrated safety along with our standalone solutions.
  • Decentralised solutions:  allow for a reduction in complexity, engineering development time, maintenance efforts, and installation downtime while enhancing flexibility.
  • Condition monitoring: our portable vibration measurement tool, ready for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), empowers you with real-time control over your motor’s maintenance needs.

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Yes, Emotron has a range of compact, slim VSD designs in combination with a new water-cooling system. We can engineer a solution to suit your available space.

Yes, all the Motovario H.B.S ranges are cast iron.

Yes, we can supply IP66 mining motors and or flame- proof motors.

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