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A wide variety of industries rely on industrial pumps to keep their operations moving. From the delicate needs of the food and beverage sector to the robust requirements of mining, wastewater, and irrigation, these dynamic and demanding industries need smart pumping systems to ensure safety, efficiency, and consistent quality. 


At FCR Motion Technology, we provide advanced pumping solutions with a comprehensive range of soft starters, shaft power monitors, and gearboxes to suit specific types of pumps. Talk to one of our experts today about our tailored services and solutions.


Our solutions and products

  • Reduction gearboxes: our broad gearbox ratios, sizes, and custom machined output shafts are key features for helical rotor pump applications. And with ratios as low as 1.2:1 and taper roller output bearings, they’ll suit many other pump types.
  • Industrial motors: our worm and planetary geared motors provide the ideal solution for peristaltic pump applications. We also stock a comprehensive range of 2 and 3-stage inline geared motors for centrifugal pumps.
  • Variable speed drives (VSDs): our IP66 wall mount variable speed drive or our IP65 motor mount drive can be mounted onto the terminal box of most electric motors.
  • Encoders: in applications where controlled speed is required, we offer tailored solutions using encoders. Coupled with our smart VSD, this solution permits speeds as low as 5 rpm while maintaining full torque.
  • Shaft power monitor: our electronic (sheer pin) shaft power monitor offers reliable insurance against process failure. This technology is also built into our soft starters and VSDs.
  • Condition monitoring: our IIoT-compatible portable vibration measurement tool places the real-time maintenance needs of your motor directly in your hands.

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FCR can supply the Emotron TSA Soft Starter, which can be programmed for current limiting subject to generator kVA rating. For sizing recommendations and support, please contact your local sales representative.

 FCR can engineer a solution supplying a VSD as a package with the correct size and type of filter (sine wave or DV/DT) in an IP- rated cabinet solution.

FCR- supplied Emotron and Lenze VSDs have built- in comparators that can be accessed through their programmable relay outputs. Dedicated parameters for threshold values can be set, and functionalities of alarm or trip conditions can be defined. For assistance, feel free to contact FCR technical support department or your local sales representative. Contact us here.

 All FCR VSDs (Lenze and Emotron) have built-in PID Control. Pressure Setpoints can be adjusted via a keypad or can be from an analogue signal such as a potentiometer or pressure feedback.

Yes, we can modify our shafts to suit all types and brands of helical rotor pumps.

Yes, depending on the pump, we have different styles of gearboxes to suit most pump types.

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