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Optimise your industrial motor performance with our range of servo drives for both centralised and distributed control systems. They’ll power your industrial motors, controlling the speed, torque, and precise movements for peak performance.

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Yes, our P500 Motion controller, including visualisation, is perfectly matched with our twin channel i700 servo inverter to provide a cost-effective system with minimal real -estate.

Yes, our range of Trio Motion Coordinators, Expansion Modules, I/O Modules, Servo Drive Systems and HMIs are designed to enable the control of industrial machines with the minimum of external components. In many applications, Trio’s range can be combined to build a control system capable of driving a multi- axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.

We suggest our Lenze MCS series of servo motors, however, with some tuning, the 8400 can control other manufacturer’s motors. The 8400 Topline will also work well with asynchronous motors and accept resolver, HTL and TTL encoder feedback.

Yes, our Lenze 8400 Topline provides distributed motion control with dynamic performance.


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