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Multi-functional power monitoring to protect your machinery

Improve your motor reliability with Emotron‘s shaft power monitors. They can detect process inefficiencies and prevent damage and downtime by monitoring the shaft power output in real-time.

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No, M20 only uses its motor current via a matched current transformer to do the monitoring and detection. No expensive flow, pressure or temperature sensors are required. And no extra works in installing brackets, sensors, wiring and drilling etc. are necessary.

M20 detects over and under load, sending a warning or signal to stop the motor. It occurs when the motor has loss of load, dry running pump, coupling damage, the mixer’s blade has fallen off, mixer idling, auger’s shaft jamming, motor over loading etc.

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor is an electronic shear -pin that applies a unique technique to monitor the motor output shaft by measuring input power, current and phase angle to prevent motor failure.


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