IIoT concepts have become vital for Automation. At FCR we have adopted this concept and are continually looking how to offer a simple, safe, and reliable way of establishing connections to your machines – anytime, anywhere.

IIoT will easily add value to your service, reduce downtime and increase productivity. Typical applications we provide but not limited to include Tailored solutions for your Pumping, Irrigation and Bespoke machinery. We can also provide diagnostics of your machine via computer or mobile devices and can set up simple dashboards for setting desired diagnostic feedback.

You can rely on our highly skilled engineering staff to explore your concepts and can understand the finest of details. Working together, we ensure that your innovations are reliably taken all the way to completion.

Our solutions and products:

  • FCR – More than ever you need FCR by your side, providing Fast service, Competitive pricing, and Reliable supply.
  • Training – Our trained staff can share their knowledge on any product supported. Our new Technology Centre provides the perfect environment for individual or team training.
  • Remote monitoring and Control – We can provide our standard or customise a solution to suit your application
  • Software – Our applications use various Open Software to ensure our solutions create transparency and reliability, while the talented community provides assistance in the way of development and support
  • Condition monitoring: with our IIoT ready portable condition monitoring instrument you are in control of your motor’s maintenance requirements and overall application in real time.
Lenze i500
Lenze 8400 Highline/Topline
Berghof Automation
Bihl Wiedemann Distributed I/O
Bihl Wiedemann Safety PLC
Lenze i950 Servo
Lenze controller c300
Lenze Controller 3200C
Lenze controller p500
Lenze controller p300
Lenze I/O system 1000
Lenze 9400 Highline
Trio Motion Controllers
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