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We have a wide range of industrial motors, including induction motors, servo motors, and hybrid synchronous motors to keep your operations in motion. Manufactured by world-renowned brands, Motovario, Lenze, and Teco, our motors are designed to provide reliable, efficient, and durable performance to reduce energy consumption and downtime. With decades of engineering experience, our technical support team can help you find the perfect motor and drive solutions for your specific industry needs. We also offer motors with factory-fitted brakes, encoders, and forced air cooling, as well as custom design options.

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Yes, motors used within a hazardous location require a higher level of protection against the risk of harmful occurrences. They are available in the three common high- protection configurations, Exe, Ex-nA (formerly Exn), ExtD (formerly DIP) and ExD. 

Please note: FCR supply these motors as per client’s specification only.

Yes, for such environments, we can offer the IP69 stainless steel motor and the IP69 aluminium clean- duty motors.

Yes, FCR can offer a complete solution of a motor with a speed-reduction gearbox plus a variable- speed drive.

FCR supplies IEC metric standard motors in foot only (base/ B3), face mount (C-Flange/ B14) and flange mount (D-Flange/ B5). However, it can also be a combination of Foot/ C-Flange (B34) or Foot/D-Flange (B35).

Yes, we sell three- phase, single phase and DCc motors.


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